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101 Rue Saint-Charles
Sainte-Thérèse, QC, J7E 2A5

514 209-3463

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Fine Art Print

Fine art prints are premium-quality photographic images generated using high-performance printers, archive-quality, pH-neutral, and light-fast archival inks. For framed works and prints without frame, we use Hahnemühle PhotoRag 308 100% cotton paper, and for acrylic mounting we use polycarbonate backlith film.

Rare, exclusive, certified authentic artworks.

The value of a work of art is partly a function of its rarity. For that reason, the photos in our catalogue are available in limited editions. Once an edition is sold out, that photograph will never be available for purchase again.

Each print in a given edition is numbered and signed by the photographer, who grants us the exclusive right to print and sell the photo. When you purchase a photo from us, you can be sure that it will not be available anywhere else. Note, however, that photographers retain the right to print three artist’s proofs of each of their works for personal use, such as in an exhibit, as well as to publish their photos in books, magazines, on the Web and so on.

Come with a certificate of authenticity

Lastly, all works sold by Robin Simard Photographe come with a certificate of authenticity, a document containing security features to protect against forgery. Signed by the photographer, the certificate identifies the photo (title, date) and the edition (print format, number of the print, date of printing, as well as paper, ink and printer data). The certificate includes a numbered security duplicate print of which is affixed to the back of the photograph. Furthermore, Robin Simard Photographe registers each photograph’s certificate of authenticity.


Framing.   American Box

This type of framing shows the work in its entirety, including margins on which include the signature of the author, the title of the work and numbering. It also helps to appreciate the remarkable quality of the photo paper on which it was printed.

The print is stuck permanently on Foamcore the same size as the photograph in order to raise it slightly. A cardboard mat, acid free, positioned at the back of the set, enables the integration of the draw in a custom built wood, slightly larger than the photo. The space between the frame and perforated the photograph is 20 mm (3 / 4”).

The edge of the frame is a contemporary square profile available in black and has a width of about 40 mm (1”1 / 2).

This assembly is completed by a glass of 2 mm thickness giving to the print an extra protection and a prolonged survival. For larger sizes to 30″ x 42″ (76 x 107 cm), we opt for a glass of clear acrylic 3 mm thick, for reasons of weight and safety due to the large size of the print.